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tea can

日期:2019-06-25 18:27
   The present market condition and high-end tea can with tin primarily, ancient people like to use tea can  to purify the water quality make taste more good tin to human body avirulent and harmless, sexual xi cool. Generally speaking the metal will have seed so-called metallic taste, but no tin walks, perhaps the heavens gave us good quality products. Made of tin caddy of qualitative, because of its relative to other sealing is stronger and because tank body comparison thick, cans neck, constant temperature, high fresh-keeping functionality is one-upmanship. Good tea need good caddy to store, especially the delicate of fresh green tea, higher request, if with bad caddy, nutrition and flavor will drain, also easy to deteriorate, for the tea, have to say is a waste, this also is love tea of people tolerate things.