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tea can Product characteristics

日期:2019-06-25 18:11
     tea can, also say "tea boxes", storage tea utensils. Deposit tea do not make moisture and peculiar smell invading. Texture pottery and porcelain has, bamboo, wood, jade, gold, silver, tin, lacquer wood, etc. Composed by tanks and cover not leak, joints requirements. Famen temple unearthed turtle form tea powder compact storage is the typical container tea powder. The song dynasty has wooden case, silver box and small pot storage tea. The song dynasty promoted the judge Ann old lacquer wood natrium tea. Due to the Ming dynasty drinking scattered tea, large size, appeared tin qualitative ChaGuan storage. Qing dynasty, modern used this acquisition, but on craft is more info. Modern ChaGuan diverse forms, in addition to the above all kinds of quality of a material of ChaGuan, again appeared tin (common "iron listening"), plastic cans, suction type stainless steel storage ChaGuan etc.