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tea can choose

日期:2019-06-25 18:26
    tea can choose tins, stainless steel or texture and close-grained tin, if is newly bought jar, or other items originally storage jar with taste, can use first ChaMo placed within a few ChaGuan, cover, up, down, left and right after shaking graze rigid wall, to pour abandon odor removal. There are sold two layers of the lid of stainless steel ChaGuan, simple and practical, if can cooperate with clean insipidity of plastic bags tea, then cover, placing tank with tape adhesion block is better. The mouth Equipped with tea should be kept in the shade of metal tins, do not put in the sunlight straight set, have peculiar smell, moist, have heat source of place, so it can't be easily, tin, yi ke slow tea Chen rust, the deterioration of speed. Another tin materials of dense, moistureproof, prevent oxidation, preventing light, the peculiar smell with good results.