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Our improved staff accommodation

日期:2019-05-20 19:04

Improvement of the staff dormitory service standard

 As a mature business, we attach great importance to our employee needs in order to strengthen the company cohesion and employees' belongings. The long up-hold value of our company is advocating customer value, adhering to employee need, collaboration and innovation. Our leaders also believe that comprehensive and deep understanding about employee’s need is vital to the enterprise management. Without their hard work, we can not make our rapid development sustainable. So, we must put the employee need on the top of our list.

Lately,thecontinuous high-temperature makes it impossible for our stufftohave adequate sleep and rest. To address this, ourcompanyinstalled air-cons and solar water heaters to everydormitory. Thisact are well-received by our employees and they allexpressed theirheart-thanks to the company.

A snap shotofour dormitoary.