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Child Resistant tins

Child-resistant tin is a special packaging design used to prevent children under the age of 5 from opening the packaging with certain drugs, household cleaners, and chemical products by mistake and reduce poison risks.  Based on their Young intelligence and weak opening force, the tin box factory uses a special child-proof cap to make sure children are hardly open the lid in a short time, even know how to open it, but still can't push the cap down.

Child-Resistant Packaging Technology:


The obvious feature of the child safety cap is that it uses a simple structure with a competitive price to prevent children from opening the bottle cap and very convenient for adults to use. 

  • The open structure is relatively complicated, and it's difficult for children to open it in a short time (usually 5 minutes).
  • This open structure requires a certain amount of opening force, that is, children under 5 years old do not have this opening force. For example, children's grip strength is only about 140N, meanwhile, the durability of force is also poor, so it is difficult to open the metal cap that requires sufficient grip and a certain endurance to open.
  • Print the tin cap with warning text to indicate the opening method, while children under 5 have no ability to recognize the warnings, while adults can open it smoothly through prompts.

Child-resistant Caps


According to the CPSC certified child resistance safety, you have to use child-resistant packaging for your product if The product presents a risk of dangers or not edible to children under 5, Common closures for child-resistant tins are included screw caps, safety caps, and lock caps:   


CRC cap:

Often screw caps are just two metal caps. The outside lid can spin freely, the inside lid with screw lines. To open them, you have to press down the outside cap and make it engage the inner cap to open. Because this opening method involves two directions Apply force to improve the safety of the tin box packaging and prevent children under 5 from opening.


Safely cap:

This closure is much simple than others.  one dimple on the body and one dimple on the lid, then squeeze the lid to match the tin body to open.


Pre roll tins

This closure has a lock insert, you have to use both hands to press the lock bottom at the same time to drive the inner key to open the tin box unless you can't help to open them.


Slider Tin for Child Resistant

Custom childproof packaging round child resistant tin with US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified for edibles,  flowers,  salve .

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