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Top 10 Tin Box Manufacturers And Suppliers In China

Tin Box Manufacturers And Suppliers In China


You can easily find out hundreds of Tin Box manufacturers in China Through Google. But how do you do this when you have so many potentially excellent manufacturers across the country but you don’t know who is a reliable one for you? Well, we understand how this can be a confusing and comprehensive process that may not work out, That is why we took time to offer a list of the 10 best wholesale tin box manufacturers in China for you.


Here is a list of Top 10 well-known tin box manufacturers in China for your reference. 


1. Jingli Can
2. Marshallom metal manufacture
3. Tinshine
4. Shenglian
5. Tinpak
6. Glory Tins
7. Wangxilong
8. Nice-Can
9. Ezpaktin
10. Yum Tin


Where to buy wholesale custom tins in China?


The quick answer is Dongguan City, The worlds' Factory. Dongguan is a major manufacturing hub in China. And almost 80% of tin box manufacturers are located in Dongguan. Dongguan borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Huizhou to the northeast, Shenzhen to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. Dongguan ranks behind only Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Suzhou in exports among Chinese cities, with $65.54 billion in shipments in 2019. 

1. Jingli Can


A Large-scale tin can manufacturer in China, Founded in 1999 and located in Dongguan City, Jingli has 7 production locations in China, 5,000 employees. GMP production workshop under 100,000 level for Food and pharmaceutical packaging. The book "Hidden Champions of the 21st Century" was written by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Simon mentioned that Jingli has become the world champion in this market segment with nearly 30% of the market share.  While the global market size for custom tin packaging is around USD 10 billion.  For example, Jingli's share in the European metal cigarette box market was as high as 70%, ranking number one for many years. Also, has a design company in Switzerland to provide design services for its customers, and opened factories in Vietnam in recent years as labor costs have risen in China.


Product category included: Food tins, wine packaging box, cosmetic tins, pharmaceutical packaging box, Tobacco tins, promotional gift tins, etc to meet all marketing packaging requirement.


Advantages of Jingli can:


  1. Stronger R&D design team to provide you one-stop solutions for tin can packaging.
  2. More than 8000 sets of tin molds in stock for customers' reference and selections. Save time and money.
  3. Stock tinplate and fully automatic production lines to help your brand save time and money,  On-time delivery and Quality Assured
  4. Equipped with GMP production workshop under 100,000 level for Food and Pharmaceutical packaging conditions, which ensures all the products in accordance with the standards of FDA.


2. Marshallom metal manufacture


Established in 1993, Marshallom Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd is a joint-venture enterprise specialized in tin packaging.  Marshallom is very proud to be the leader in metal packaging industry in China. Always on the way exploring and developing new idea and new design on the basis of the customers’ requirements and under the management concept of utter security, high efficiency, excellent quality and low consumption.


Product category included: Food tins, Tea tins, cosmetic tins, candle tins, Tobacco tins, health care packaging, premium packaging, candy containers, stationary items, tea cans, safety boxes, gift packaging, tin ware and much more.


Advantages of Marshallom


  1. The leading Largest Metal packaging manufacturer in China.  Security and quality is their top priority.
  2. Specialized in all kind custom tin packaging for all market demand.
  3. Provides one-stop comprehensive services from designing, tooling, printing, manufacturing to final packaging within 20 years.
  4. More than 4000 sets of tin moulds are available for clients' free using
  5. 90% of tin products are exported to North America, Europe, and Asia, to a total of over 40 countries and districts.


3. Tinshine

Established in 2007, Dongguan Tinshine tin box Co., Ltd specializes in Custom tin packaging.  By far, Tinshine has 6 manufacturing sites in a 100,000 sqm working area, 2500 skilled workers,  400 production lines, 3000 sets of various tin molds. 90 millions tin products per monthly capacity.  As a large-scale tin box factory,  Tinshine manufactures tin boxes, tin cans and aluminum containers for cosmetics, beauty packaging, wine & spirits, Perfume, promotional gifts, candles, food, dry beverages, biscuits, confectionery, cigarette case etc.  Tin products are mainly sold to the USA, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Japan,etc.


Specialized in Food tins, Cosmetic tins, Wine packaging, Drug packaging, health care packaging, premium packaging, Aluminium tins etc.


Advantages of Tinshine


  1. Became the first tin box factory with in-house printing facilities in China with 6 printing lines.
  2. Equipped with GMP printing and production workshop that can make tin products in direct contact with food under HACCP standard. Also, all our materials have MSDS to ensure that our tin boxes meet all packaging industry needs.
  3. 90% of tin products are made by automatic machines to save labor costs, short delivery time, and meet huge production capacity requirements.
  4. We always keep tons of tinplate material in stocks, which ensures our price is competitive. And we have strictly quality control to ensure high production efficiency and low production waste rate.


4. Shenglian


Established in 2000, Dongguan Shenglian Tins Products Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of tin products.  Main products are printed tins and metal containers including Ice bucket, CD case, tray, food cans, tea tins, candy box, mooncake box, pencil box, stationery, etc.  Different specifications to meet international standards with fine quality as well as the most competitive prices and prompt delivery.


Specialized in Tea tins, Pet Food Can Sets, Ice bucket tins, Sealed jars, Tin seasons (Gift And Premium), and much more.


Advantages of Shenglian Tin Products


  1. Have audit of BSCI, BRC, Sedex Pillar-4, Coca Cola, and so on.
  2. Located in Dongguan China, The world's factory
  3. Good quality for food contact packaging standard
  4. Professional OEM & ODM manufacturer


5. Tinpak


Tinpak is a professional custom tin box supplier and manufacturer with 2 factories in Dongguan China, specializing in wholesale metal packaging, tin containers, tin cases, tin cans and tin signs as well decorative tin boxes. We have tooled, printed and manufactured metal packaging tin products for companies such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Godiva, Warner Brothers and the Disney Company. 


Specialized in Tea tins, spice tins, candle tins,  cannabis tins, and much more.


Advantages of Tinpak

  1. Trustworthy industrial experience and expertise for all your customized metal packaging needs
  2. State-of-the-art litho-printing facilities to make your packaging innovation to be good pieces of art
  3. High quality decorative tin boxes produced by ISO and SEDEX certified 2 manufacturing factories at the best possible price and good delivery time
  4. Innovative sourcing capability to help you save costs and stay worry free
  5. 15 years on the international markets to make global clients happy


6. Glory Tins


Glory Tins is a leading tin box manufacturer in Dongguan city,China. Grow to top 3 in custom tin box industry for more than 16 years since 2005, 3 factory sites with more than 60000 sqm standard production plant and dust-free workshop, 4000 sets of custom molds with different shapes & sizes, Annual production output of 200 million tins, Export to more than 60 countries.


Specialized in : Food tins, holiday tins, household decorative tins, cosmetic tins, cookie tins, tea tins, tins for drug ,and more


Advantages of Glory tins


  1. Leading custom tin box manufacturer in China, have office branchs in Hongkong, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey to make tin packaging business more easily.
  2. High quality with competitive price to meet your brand budget
  3. OEM or ODM service with creative printing finish ways like glossy varnish, spot matt varnish, Emboss, Cracked finish, Wrinkle finish to highlight your tin packaging


7. Wangxilong


Dongguan City Wanxinlong Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, Professional and influential tin box factory in Dongguan, has a steady customer network mainly from Europe, America, Japan, Middle East, Provides the excellent services with best price for all clients based on the tenet of quality.


Specialized in :  gift tin box, metal bucket, cosmetic tin box, candle tins, lunch tin box, and more


Advantages of Wangxilong


  1. Over 2000 sets of existing moulds for free using to save time and costs
  2. One-stop service from idea to shipment
  3. Automatic production ensuring Competitive Price and Fast Delivery time


8. Nice-Can


From 1999, Nice-Can has nearly 20 years' experience in customizing world-class metal packaging products. Up to now, Nice-Can has 2 tin box factories, covering an area of 25,000 square meters, with automatic production lines. Passed the Disney, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and other brands and SEDEX, BSCI factory inspection


Specialized in :  Coffee tin cans, Custom tins, Season tins, Custom shaped tins, and more.


Advantages of Nice-Can


  1. Quality Product, Excellent Service, Competitive Prices and Prompt Delivery
  2. Custom your tin packaging from idea to shipment
  3. Good Service, Low mininum quantity. 

9. Ezpaktin


Ezpaktin is a high-quality tin box manufacturer in Dongguan,  80% of tin products made are for IKEAthe world's largest furniture retailer since 2008.


10. Yumtin


Founded in 1999, Yumtin is now one of the biggest tin box manufacturers in China. It owns automatic production line and dust-free workshop for tin boxes production.  Certified with ISO9001:2000 and ISO22000:2005 (HACCP). It passed the check of Coca Cola, Mcdonald, Sedex, RQA, GSV.


If you are looking for a reliable tin box manufacturer in China,  then above 10 tin box manufacturers will be your best packaging solutions

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