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Custom Tin Can Manufacturers Australia

Custom Tin Can Manufacturers Australia


Finding the right tin can manufacturer might not be the easiest thing to do with hundreds of wholesale tin box suppliers in Australia. As before buying from China seems like a cheap option at first, because Australia is very near China. But these 2 years, the shipping fees, taxes, customs charges from China make the entire price is higher and expensive. So if you want to find the best tin box manufacturer locally that will match and meet your needs, here is a list of the top 5 websites to help you find the right one.









Before we go ahead, here is one question as below:


Are Tin Cans Made In Australia?


The quick answer is No, after searching on Google, we found these tin box companies are based in Dongguan city of China and have offices in Australia. Their main business is custom tin cans in volume, but considering increasing shipping costs these 2 years, they stock a number of popular custom tins for clients purchasing to save costs and time.


Dongguan is the center of Tin Box Factories from Small size to largest one, the related post might be helpful to your business: Top 10 well-known Tin Box Manufacturers in China.


1. Tinpac


Based in the UK and with office in Australia, but they can talk different local languages to make business easier. Tinpac has volume manufacturers and suppliers of tin boxes in both China and Europe, serving big label brands and retailers all over the world. Also supply stock tins for decorative display purposes. Tinpac offers a complete service from concept to delivery of your packaging with a keen focus on manufacturing and logistics management.


2. Tin concepts


Office in Sydney, Australia, The Tinconcept is a leading manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler of custom-made tins that have been in business for at least 18 years. Tinconcept specialized in door to door service, tin products development from design, tooling, manufacturing, and shipping from China, so if you are new in the tin packaging business, they can help you to custom made tins with one-stop packaging solutions and deliver them into your warehouse directly and ensure quality. In this way, you can have more time to focus on your business.


3. Glory Tins Australia


Based in Melbourne, Australia. If you are tin box wholesaler or retailer, Glory Tins Australia will be your best tin packaging supplier. Dedicated to design and manufacture unique shaped tin cans and tin boxes that grab customer's attention and boost your brand sales. They have 3 factories in China, certified with ISO 9001-2008, BRC/IOP, SA8000:2008. 


4. Ezpaktin


Located in Dongguan and have Partners in Australia, If you are looking for tin boxes bulk, custom tin cans with your company logo or unique shaped tin, Ezpaktin will be your reliable tin box manufacturer. 3000+ existing tin molds for clients free using. Stronger R&D design team to help you creat unique packaging.  Large-scale factory plant with HACCP, BRC, Sedex certification. Ezpaktin's mission is to insure tin orders' quality and make communication more easily.


5. Aliexpress


AliExpress is a large online shop offering competitive wholesale price and providing one-stop-shop for you in Australia.  You can find hundreds of tin box products on this platform and can buy them in bulk. They ship worldwide to 200+ countries and regions, and their website has several different languages. The languages are French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Thai, and Korean.  Also this platform have buyer protecting,  so you can make a purchase confidently.



There are many ways to get your tin packaging orders in Australia, if you are start-up company with small order and need packaging quickly,  then Aliexpress and stock tins will be your good solutions.  If you are looking for bespoke tins in bulk with custom design, printing and shipping., then Tinpac, Glorytins, and Ezpaktin will be your best packaging manufacturer.

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