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Basic requirements for custom tin packaging

Nowadays, custom tin packaging is more and more widely used in people's lives, and people's requirements for tin packaging are becoming more and more strict, especially for food, cosmetic products, and pharmaceutical packaging.  

The basic requirement for food tins is safety. As a food tin container, it is in direct contact with food, because it is in direct contact with food, it is important that it is harmless to the human body and that the food meets the hygiene regulations of each country. Export metal tin cans generally comply with relevant health standards of the FDA.


The second requirement for pharmaceutical packaging is the sealing property. Because the medicine product is usually spoiled and degraded by microorganisms, the medicine tin box must have a reliable sealing property, so that it can no longer be exposed to external microorganisms and secondary pollution.


The third requirement for cosmetic packaging is corrosion resistance. A large part of metal tins contains certain nutrients, organic acids, and certain compounds, which will decompose during high temperature and high pressure.  So we use aluminum tin containers to avoid corrosion of the iron box, therefore, to ensure long-term storage of cream, balm, powder, and gels. 


The fourth requirement for custom tins is convenience. As a container for storing food or promotional gifts, it must be convenient for the consumer to carry and feed and must have the conditions for long-distance transportation.


The five basic requirements of metal tin containers are to be suitable for industrial production. In the production process, the tin box must withstand the various stamping, crimping, welding, and other processes of the machine, and the demand is large, and mass production is required, so the factory must be equipped. Mechanized and automated production requirements, colleagues have high efficiency, stable quality, low cost and can meet the needs of modern production management.


Tinshine tin box company is a large-scale custom tin packaging manufacturer. By far, Tinshine has 6 manufacturing sites in a 100,000 sqm working area and 2500 skilled workers. Equipped with GMP printing and production workshop that can make tin products in direct contact with food under HACCP standard. Also, all our materials have MSDS to ensure that our tin boxes meet all packaging industry needs.  Welcome to email us: for your packaging.

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