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What are the advantages of cosmetic iron box? What problems should be paid attention to in production? How to carry out quality test?

What are the advantages of cosmetic iron box? What problems should be paid attention to in production? How to carry out quality test?


When we buy cosmetics, we first look at the packaging. Because of this, the packaging of cosmetics plays a very important role in marketing. Packaging is not only a container for carrying goods, but also a means to guide consumption. Moreover, consumers have strong and direct feelings about color, and the color of packaging is also the impression of consumers. Therefore, the reasonable choice of color plays an important role in creating the artistic conception of packaging design. Beautiful cosmetic iron box packaging can enhance women's desire to buy. Compared with some carton packaging cosmetics, they are more willing to buy cosmetics iron box packaging products, because cosmetics iron box makes them feel bright, more in line with their aesthetic requirements to buy cosmetics.

Exquisite cosmetics iron box packaging looks more grade, usually cosmetics with bright colors, patterns more colorful. Good-looking design and stylish appearance has been able to fully attract the attention of the ladies. And after these products are used up, the cosmetic iron box can also be used as a storage box, which is convenient and practical. Who doesn't like it?

In addition, with the rise in the price of paper materials, more and more products tend to be packed in iron boxes. Because the iron box packaging is an environmentally friendly product, it can be recycled; plus the iron box printing is more convenient.

Cosmetic iron box is one of the packaging forms adopted by many cosmetics companies. Cosmetic iron box production should pay attention:

The surface of the 1. cosmetics iron box should be beautiful, because the consumer groups of cosmetics are mostly women, and women tend to resonate with the intuitive visual beauty. Therefore, the surface design of the cosmetic iron box must be beautiful and high-grade. Iron box printing, color difference should be small, especially can not have ink spots and other impurities; production of cosmetics iron box, to wipe clean, can not have scratches.

The choice of 2. raw materials must be strict, including cosmetic iron box printing inks, which must meet international safety standards, otherwise it will not only affect the quality of cosmetic iron boxes, but also affect brand reputation.

To strictly control the quality of cosmetics iron box, to find a good cosmetics iron box manufacturers. There are some small-scale cosmetics iron box production enterprises, the quality management system is not perfect, lack of experience. Due to the inadequate quality of supervision and poor workmanship, a large number of defective products have been produced, affecting the listing of cosmetics.

So the quality of cosmetics iron box with what detection method? Let's take a look.

1. regular physical and chemical inspection includes: visual inspection is mainly used for visual inspection. The front and back of the box must be free of visible dust or wrinkles. The main part of the printing surface shall be free of obvious scratches, and slight scratches are allowed for inconspicuous parts. The lines printed on the iron box are clear, complete and not deformed, the dots are clear and complete, the ink color is uniform, and the hue is accurate.

2. Special test requirements include: impact resistance, tightness, gloss, whiteness, ink surface hardness, etc. In addition to the above regular inspections, other additional inspections are mainly based on the special needs of the iron box, adding some necessary inspection items.


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