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How to design a cosmetic iron box? How to plan the color?

How to design the iron box of cosmetics? How to plan the color? Here we can learn about the relevant content. I believe that through the introduction of our cosmetics iron box, you can have a more detailed understanding of the content in this regard.


Cosmetic iron box is tinplate as raw material, through welding, stamping, bone buckle and other different processes, made of tinplate packaging box. Because it is made of tinplate, it is also called tinplate box. Cosmetic iron box design we should pay attention to the following content:

1. Position your customers

This may be an important point you need to remember. No matter what your audience is, be sure to come back and check whether the image selection, color combination and wording are in line with the target market.

2. Simplify packaging and give personality.

Don't overuse too many colors on any product packaging, too many conflicting fonts, and don't let the text saturate when typesetting. On the contrary, less is more, and concise colors and text are more attractive. In short, the color and text should not cause confusion in the appearance of the package. If you make the packaging too complicated, it will be difficult for the target customers to understand the meaning and purpose of the product. When passing the product, potential customers can intuitively understand the contents of the package without having to pick up the product for a thorough inspection; the entire surface should be transparent. And because of the existence of peer products, unless it is a real niche product, it is necessary to make the packaging easy to identify and distinguish. Unique performance makes you stand out in the fierce competition.

3. Choose the color of the cosmetic iron box.

When customizing the color of the cosmetic iron box, you should follow the following points:

(1) Make sure that the color of the cosmetic iron box is consistent with the original color of the brand, so that your product can be recognized immediately. As mentioned above, please keep it simple and avoid using too many colors that cannot be used together. Use a moderately contrasting color.

(2) Your color should be noticed-filter the popular colors in the product category. For example, the cosmetic iron box, there are several types of dozens of packaging, as well as fashionable prints and pattern boxes; the key is that the packaging color is unique and attractive.

(3) When choosing colors, please remember the basic principles of chromatics and the different meanings caused by various colors. Pay attention not only to the combination or contrast of some colors, but also to their emotional effect. A basic example is the color red, which is often associated with energy, self-confidence, and assertion.

Cosmetic iron box for our cosmetics packaging has brought a lot of convenience, but also attracted more people to buy. So it is a very good choice. We are a manufacturer of cosmetics iron boxes. We have many years of experience in this industry. If you want to know more about this aspect, please contact us.


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