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What's the use of a cosmetic iron box? What if it's too tight to open?

What's the use of a cosmetic iron box? What if it's too tight to open?


The cosmetic iron box is made of tinplate, which has good ductility and can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe shapes, trapezoids, etc. And it is not easy to deform after forming. The cosmetic iron box has good rigidity, strong compression resistance, not easy to break, and easy to transport. In general, the benefits of cosmetic iron boxes are:

1. Attract the attention of buyers

Cosmetic iron box packaging design, can attract the attention of buyers, increase the sales of cosmetics. In the mall, you can see that cosmetics are beautifully packaged and designed, and different series have different styles. The role of cosmetics is to improve people's self-confidence. Good-looking cosmetics iron box, everyone used up the mood is not the same. Moreover, the iron box of cosmetics can also be used as small handicrafts and looks good at home.

2. Reflect the brand quality.

A cosmetic packaging design, but also indirectly reflects the quality of the cosmetics brand, visible manufacturers of cosmetics intentions. Even the outer packaging is so careful, the quality of cosmetics will certainly be better.

3. Store small items well.

When buying cosmetics, women will also consider whether this product can bring convenience to life. For example, it is especially good to have a cosmetic iron box for girls to classify and store small things. To buy a product that has never been used before, if it has no outstanding characteristics, then women will still choose the product they have used. So the creativity of the product is also reflected in the process of women buying cosmetics.

In our daily life, we have encountered the situation that the iron box of cosmetics cannot be opened. Why is this? How to deal with it if it cannot be opened? There are generally three reasons why the iron box of cosmetics cannot be opened. One is too tight, the lid and the can bite tightly. Second, the box has not been opened for a long time, and the appearance of the iron cosmetic box is rusty. Third, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cosmetic iron box causes the lid to be adsorbed and cannot be opened.

If it is too tight and the pressure inside and outside the cosmetic iron box is poor, we can use a very simple method to open the bottle cap, turn the bottom of the iron box over and take a few shots, and then open it from the beginning. If you still can't open it, pat it harder. Another method is to put the cosmetic iron box in hot water, but it should be noted that only the lid part is put in the water for a few minutes. Use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to open. If the iron box of cosmetics is rusty and cannot be unscrewed, try to remove the rust and put it in hot water. The effect is the same as the former.

We are the manufacturer of cosmetics iron box, if you want to know more about this aspect, please contact us. We can introduce you from different aspects so that you can have a more detailed understanding.


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