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Tinplate trends affect the current situation of tinplate box metal packaging

Metal packaging tinplate box is an important part of China's packaging industry, its output value accounts for about 10% of China's packaging industry, mainly for food, cans, beverages, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries to provide tinplate box packaging services. Tinplate metal packaging refers to thin-walled packaging containers made of metal sheet. It is widely used in food packaging materials raw materials, pharmaceutical packaging, electrical instrument packaging, chemical supplies packaging, weapons and equipment packaging. Among them, the number of raw materials used for food packaging materials is very large. In China, the largest customer of raw materials for plastic packaging products is the food industry, followed by chemical products. In addition, skin care products and therapeutic drugs also account for a certain share.


In the raw materials of plastic packaging products, tinplate box packaging as the core. Due to the gradual improvement and perfection of tinplate printing technology and manufacturing professionalism, the application of tinplate box packaging is becoming more and more extensive. With the increase in China's total output of tinplate, tinplate imports will slowly decrease, and soon they will be able to support themselves, but some high-end products still need a small amount of imports.


Metal composite packaging products are usually widely used because it has many unusual advantages: stainless steel storage tanks relative to other packaging products, such as plastic, wire glass, paper packaging products containers, such as tensile strength are large, and the bending stiffness is good, not easy to crack. The sheet metal material has excellent barrier property, resistance property, moisture resistance, light shielding property and fragrance keeping property than all other raw materials. In addition, it is reliable in sealing property and can maintain the products very well.


Metal materials, polymer materials, printing and packaging features, patterns and trademarks fresh and unique, the resulting packaging products eye-catching, is a high quality sales market packaging. Stainless steel storage tanks can be made into various shapes according to different requirements, such as ring, oval, square, horseshoe, ladder, etc., which not only takes into account the packaging requirements of different products, but also makes the packaging products more changeable and promotes the sales market.

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Dongguan Tieshuanhui Can Making Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Tieshenhui Cans Co., Ltd. is a group and international export-oriented metal packaging enterprise with tinplate printing, canning and packaging as its core business. Today, Tieshenhui has developed into a group of enterprises with an Indian iron factory and five canning factories. At present, the plant area is more than 100000 square meters. There are more than 2500 skilled workers and management and technical backbones, including more than 100 management personnel, more than 100 mold development and maintenance technicians, more than 30 automatic production equipment developers, and more than 100 QC and QA personnel.

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