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With the advent of industrial 4.0, it is necessary to transform tinplate box manufacturing to iron box service.

With the rush of industrial production 4.0 reform, many Chinese manufacturers have already begun to consider how to transform and develop, which includestinplate boxmanufacturing enterprises. How to transform from iron box manufacturing to iron box service project has long been urgent for iron box manufacturing enterprises.


Since 2016,tinplate boxManufacturers due to the iron box production and manufacturing profits are gradually extruded to disappear, clearly put forward from the iron box production and manufacturing to iron box service project transformation and development of the development strategy, and such ideas in theory is indeed in line with the characteristics of the iron box production and manufacturing industry.tinplate boxManufacturers for various fields of packaging customer service, not the same as the manufacturing industrytinplate boxPackaging customers produce different goods, the necessary packaging raw materials are not the same. Packaging customers in the same manufacturing industry will produce the same or similar goods, but each company's iron box design concept is not the same, so it is unlikely to choose the same iron box, the future requirements of iron box packaging customers is completely humanized and customized.

Therefore, the core method of Tiesenghui can manufacturer, the "overall iron box solution", was born at the right time. To put it bluntly, the overall iron box solution is to formulate a solution including professional knowledge and relevant raw materials for customers to deal with the iron box problem. In addition to the "additional" market of the solution, the iron box raw materials included in the solution are sold, which is commonly referred to as one-stop service.

Because it is a solution, the goods included are not a single commodity, but emergency supplies for complete sets of equipment, so the requirements for the sales capacity of iron box manufacturers are relatively high, generally small and medium-sized.tinplate boxManufacturers usually do not have the ability to do this kind of work. This is a big threshold, and another channel with a lower threshold and easier transformation and development is the iron box delivery warehouse. The iron box delivery warehouse is responsible for the three major functions of iron box raw material engineering acceptance, logistics storage management and immediate delivery, showing customers the three major use values of zero inventory, quality assurance and immediate supply of iron box raw materials.

To sum up, if the iron box enterprises trying to transform from iron box manufacturing to iron box service, if they can make great efforts to do a good job in the iron box distribution warehouse,tinplate boxThe acceptance and management of iron box materials by packaging users, and the distribution of iron box materials to the user's packaging workshop according to the production plan of iron box packaging users, can win the favor of iron box packaging users, gradually squeeze competitors, and then extend to the management of iron box suppliers for users, and then extend to the overall iron box packaging solutions and become the leader in iron box enterprises.

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