Provide you with a one-stop solution for iron cans

Provide you with a one-stop solution for iron cans

◆ 6 Japanese Fuji printing production equipment tinplate box production plant; ◆Equipped with GMPE printing and production workshop; ◆ 2000 sets of moulds, 400 automatic production lines, 90 million cans per month; ◆ 90% of iron boxes, iron cans, and aluminum cans are produced by automatic machines, saving labor costs, short delivery time, and meeting huge production capacity requirements.

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Mainly provide tinplate boxes, iron cans, aluminum cans and other metal packaging for food, cosmetics, alcohol, health products, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, promotional gifts, candles, biscuits, candies, etc.

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Tinplate Box | Tinplate Box Manufacturer

Iron boxes, many people call iron cans, are made of tinplate as raw materials, tinplate through welding or stamping and buckle bones and other different processes made of packaging boxes. Because it is made of tinplate as raw material, it is also called tinplate box. The material used in the tinplate box is tinplate, which originated in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The place has been rich in metal since ancient times, advanced technology, and know how to use water to engage in machine manufacturing, from the 14th century began to produce tinplate. After the First World War, the armies of various countries made a large number of iron containers (cans) and extended to this day.

Became the first tin box factory with in-house printing facilities in China with 6 printing lines.

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