Provide you with a one-stop solution for iron cans

Provide you with a one-stop solution for iron cans

◆ 6 Japanese Fuji printing production equipment tinplate box production plant; ◆Equipped with GMPE printing and production workshop; ◆ 2000 sets of moulds, 400 automatic production lines, 90 million cans per month; ◆ 90% of iron boxes, iron cans, and aluminum cans are produced by automatic machines, saving labor costs, short delivery time, and meeting huge production capacity requirements.

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Mainly provide tinplate boxes, iron cans, aluminum cans and other metal packaging for food, cosmetics, alcohol, health products, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, promotional gifts, candles, biscuits, candies, etc.

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Biscuit tin, cookie tin

Cookie Jar Structure Aerogel cans, chemical cans, milk cans, beverage cans are all welded cans, the state has developed relevant product standards for products. The principle used is that the welded material is under pressure from a pair of rotating upper and lower welding wheels with a certain amount of overlap, and through AC low-voltage high current, the contact resistance at the material overlap generates high temperature under the action of high current to make the material in a plastic melting state. Under the action of the pressure of the upper and lower electrodes, a solder joint is formed, and each half waveform of the welding current forms a solder joint. In this way, the welded material moves at a certain linear speed under the action of the rotary welding roller, and the points overlapping each other are formed, that is, the weld. The welding spot distance is proportional to the welding line speed and inversely proportional to the frequency of the welding current. Welding: Under the action of the thermal effect of the current and mechanical pressure, the fusion zone (point) in which the two metal sheets are welded together on the metallographic phase, commonly known as the solder joint.

Became the first tin box factory with in-house printing facilities in China with 6 printing lines.

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Biscuit tin

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